Reflecting the ancient heart of a modern country at FDI WDC 2023

FDI World Dental Congress 2023 (FDIWDC23), which will be hosted in Sydney by the Australian Dental Association from 24-27 September, represents a golden opportunity to tell the world about the full scope and diversity of the rich and ancient host country, Australia.

As is now well documented, the history of Australia goes back further than European settlement, beginning some 65,000 years ago, and the organisers of this FDIWDC23 felt it was critical that the artwork associated with this major global event reflected the continuity of occupation by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders which remains to this day.

Two Indigenous artists have helped bring to life elements central to the spirit behind FDIWDC23, one through the Sydney Opera House-inspired logo and another through our commissioned artwork known as “Coming Together”.

Bree Buttenshaw is a is a proud Kalkadoon woman living on Quandamooka Country (centred around Moreton Bay, Queensland) who mixes traditional and contemporary art together to create unique stories in a fresh contemporary style.

Her “Coming Together” artwork, which can be seen in the images anchoring this article (and above), evoke a gathering of like-minded people in a physical gathering, reflecting the fact that countries all around the world are coming together to learn, listen and talk and to advance the profession of dentistry.

The arches also include a dental reference in their design element, shaped as adult teeth, including the incisors, canines, premolars and molars.

The FDIWDC23 Sydney Opera House-inspired logo, which appears throughout promotional materials and on the website, is the creation of Madison Connors, the creative director at Yarli Creative who sought to share the story of people coming together in Sydney from across all waters and lands.

Her work flows from the idea that Yarli Creative is “a coming together of my parka (children), my yakapna (family) and my mulana (spirit).”

The ADA is deeply appreciative of the work of these two artists and their connection to Country and for expressing this so powerfully in this important artwork which will occupy a key position on the world dental stage throughout 2023.

To find out more about FDIWDC23 and to register, click on the icon below.