FDI Parliament Programme

FDI Parliament Programme

The FDI General Assembly (GA) is the supreme legislative and governing body of FDI. The GA sets FDI policies, the strategic plan, missions and aims, and monitors progress on their achievement. Registered delegates of FDI Member Organizations meet once a year to approve the annual budget and reports, establish the annual subscriptions, hold elections, receive and take necessary action on reports of the Council, and elect Regular, Associate, Affiliate and Supporting Members.

For further information on the FDI governance structure please visit:

Governance | FDI (fdiworlddental.org)

For further information, please contact: divosevic@fdiworlddental.org

Please click here to view the Parliament Programme.

Please note that the registration to the FDI World Dental Congress 2023 does not grant automatic access to the World Dental Parliament Programme.